Monthly Archives: February 2011

Jumping is cute . . . but dangerous!

Tweet “You should see him, Dr Johnny,” Ali, my house call client, shared last evening. “He starts halfway down the steps, jumps and sails right over the baby gate. It’s the coolest thing!” This is the dog that two months ago . . was afraid of going down the row house stairs. Everything’s cool until […]

It takes Peace and Energy to Die! . . .

Tweet Oh it’s so common. We see it in the movies all the time. Most recently in the Christopher Nolan picture: Inception. Dad, laid up in the hospital, holds on long enough to pass on a plot point to Junior, who arrives, just before the final breathe. Junior, dramatically, leans over to catch Pop’s whispered […]

Need to measure your pet’s temperature? Which way is the door?

Tweet For all involved, pets and their parents, rectal temperature taking is . . . well, foreboding. Knowing how to accurately measure your pet’s temperature is important. It can determine if your suspicions are valid, and more importantly, it could be the overriding factor in deciding whether you should call the veterinary hospital now or […]