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Morning Meal

Tweet I awoke to a feast. Something hungry – was engorging along my lower back. It served me right – as I’d been battling biting insects all summer. I was due. Scratching myself to consciousness, I reflected on my pet parents who find themselves in a battle over what ‘product’ to use, how often to […]

The Evolution of an Integrative Practitioner

Tweet I graduated from Tuskegee Institute School of Veterinary Medicine in the spring of 1985. A scientist, with little patience for practice, all I focused on at the time was pathology: the study of disease. And I loved it! I entered a post-doctoral program at Michigan State University in Comparative Cardiovascular Pathology, soon thereafter, I […]

Something The Lord Made

Tweet A few years ago, a movie about guilt, respect and an-unflagging belief in self was produced and shot in Baltimore, at Johns Hopkins University. This movie: Something the Lord Made, was a success. I was hired to be ‘the gloved surgical hands’ of one of the stars. For many people, especially first-time viewers, the […]

Prevent or Treat?

Tweet A few days ago, I was invited to speak at a suburban retail establishment catering to companion animals. This place was bright, clean, not-at-all reminiscent of the warehouse-like, cluttered, over-stocked stores with end-caps daring you not to buy. No. This store was different. So were the customers. Far too many times, pet parents show […]

Outdoor Safety for your Dog

Tweet Playing outdoors with your pet is rewarding, not just for you but especially for the dog. We will always remember, years later, how much fun it was watching our favorite friend enjoy our vacations as much, if not more than we. Towards that end, consider the following 20 items during these warmer month of […]

Jumping is cute . . . but dangerous!

Tweet “You should see him, Dr Johnny,” Ali, my house call client, shared last evening. “He starts halfway down the steps, jumps and sails right over the baby gate. It’s the coolest thing!” This is the dog that two months ago . . was afraid of going down the row house stairs. Everything’s cool until […]

It takes Peace and Energy to Die! . . .

Tweet Oh it’s so common. We see it in the movies all the time. Most recently in the Christopher Nolan picture: Inception. Dad, laid up in the hospital, holds on long enough to pass on a plot point to Junior, who arrives, just before the final breathe. Junior, dramatically, leans over to catch Pop’s whispered […]

Need to measure your pet’s temperature? Which way is the door?

Tweet For all involved, pets and their parents, rectal temperature taking is . . . well, foreboding. Knowing how to accurately measure your pet’s temperature is important. It can determine if your suspicions are valid, and more importantly, it could be the overriding factor in deciding whether you should call the veterinary hospital now or […]

What can this election cycle teach us about today’s veterinary care?

Tweet Well, let’s consider it. First of all, people can get angry, very quickly when things don’t go as they’ve planned. With social networking, collecting angry people is as easy as: 1, 2, 3. In the same vein, one pissed off client can spam a veterinarian’s reputation easily, tarnishing years of goodwill. Selecting clients, like […]

Why do we have pets?

Decision-making questionnaire to help pet parents decide when it’s time to euthanize your dog or cat